Before and after Gurus is a website that a group of friends started to help others learn if a product works or not.

I’m sure many people like ourselves have been faced with making a decision on whether a product is good or bad and most important is does it work?

We decided to help others and do our own diligent research and try each product our self, in most cases, we have had the privilege of using each product reviewed on our website.

There have been a few exceptions in which we were not able to obtain the product due to the fact it did not ship to our country. In these situations, we have had to rely on the personal experience of others.

Most websites offer reviews with one goal in mind and that is to sell you a product. While we do make a living from this website our main goal is to present you with all the pertinent information of each product and include real before and after testimonials and pictures when available.

What we offer

We try to be as thorough as possible when writing our reviews and try to include as much detail about each product including how effective a certain product along with visible results that we have obtained from using the product our self or from the official website.

If we feel the results have been faked we will also give you our own honest opinion on our findings.

Our main goal is to offer you Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.


We feel that trial and error is the best teacher, some will say that the clinical proof is the only way to know if something is going to be effective or not.

This may be somewhat true but we all know that everyone is different so what may work for some people may not work for you.

We are dedicated to doing all the leg work and try the products first and tell you what you can expect and the results we have discovered from using each brand or product and the results it yielded.


As the saying goes “nothing ventured nothing gained”. We have decided to dedicate our free time to try and try each product individually, most of the products we review we have used more than once.

Some products have changed their formulas and when they do we are the first ones to try them out and see if those changes actually improved the product.

I guess to some degree we can call ourselves the connoisseur of product reviews, in fact, we have had the privilege of using so many products I guess we can consider ourselves to some degree to be an authority.


Trust is not something that comes easy especially on the internet. We feel that being honest is more than just telling you a product works.

It takes dedication to help you gain the most information about a product the more you know the more you can trust it.

Knowledge is valuable information

How many times have we bought a supplement or beauty cream and thought it would be effective only to find out that it was a total scam.

You are not alone this has happened to all of us, our goal is for our review staff to be the guinea pig and try and experience products first hand so you don’t have to.

Our knowledge gives you the consumer a clear advantage because we have done the homework for you.

The products we review

We review supplements that are available from various sources including online websites like Amazon and GNC, these companies seem to be popular and have the widest range of supplements and beauty products available to consumers.

We also review individual products sold directly from the official brand name website so we can get our questions answered first hand from the source.

Our contributors

My name is Linda Richmond I am a full-time student that studied at UCLA and am now an exchange student at the Universidad Autonoma in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

I am finishing up my med degree in Mexico and learning the language at the same time.

I am a part-time contributor to before and after gurus, I love sharing my experiences from using many of the products which you will find reviews on our website.

My main goal is to help others understand how certain products work and give you a detailed first-hand report on my experience and find information on what other users have to say.

My name is Daniel Grana I am an independent personal trainer and also work part-time at an assisted living home for seniors citizens in Idaho.

I love working out and helping others learn proper training and nutrition.

In the winter I love hitting the ski slopes, skiing requires strength and energy and helps me stay in shape during the winter months. My favorite place to ski is in the Grand Tetons.

I am a full-time content contributor and love to write about supplements especially those that help you gain muscle.

Hi, Chris Hanes here I am a full-time contributor and owner of this website, I have worked with a variety of supplement companies and helped them refine their formulas,.

I took the CCN exam and passed with flying colors but wanted a more hands-on role and have worked with different supplement companies as a consultant.

During that time I began analyzing competitors products and on my website, I review some of my favorites.

When I am not reviewing and writing I am spending time.