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Stretching Your Penis With Size Genetics

Before I experienced the benefits of penis enlargement, I knew absolutely nothing. I was probably like the average guy and visited a few forums to try and learn if, in fact, penis enlargement worked.  I am not a very trusting person, I have made a few bad purchase decisions and got scammed a couple of times.

Without a doubt, the male enhancement industry is probably one of the biggest scammers out there. However, if you want a bigger dick you have to take some risks.

I have tried a few brands of penis stretchers until I found one that worked.

I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of guys who want a bigger penis but probably think “that sh*t don’t work” that’s how I felt and what I thought, however, I’m pretty stubborn I have often been told I’m a glutton for punishment but hey I will try anything once.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything you should know about the Size Genetics penis stretcher and how it can make your penis bigger.

The first device I ever used was a penis pump.

My first ever penis enlargement device was a penis pump. It gave me great results, not only did it help make my penis longer it also made it thicker, ask most women and they will tell you that penis thickness is often better than length.

Penis stretchers also called traction devices can also make your penis longer and thicker.

How do penis stretchers work?

Stretching your penis is no different than enhancing other body parts, for example, bodybuilders increase muscle size by progressively increasing the weight they lift. When they do this it causes tiny tears in the muscles which heal, as the muscle heals it increases in size.

Using a penis stretcher works in a similar way, by using a stretcher it creates gentle tension on the penis, this causes tiny micro-abrasions in the penis that causes new healthy cell tissues to grow. Over time this will make your penis longer and thicker.

Not only does it increase your penis in size it also makes erections fuller and much harder.

Does stretching work?

One of the biggest reasons men won’t buy a stretcher is because they believe they don’t work, the truth is they do.

If you do a search on the Internet there are several medical websites that will tell you that penis stretchers don’t work yet there are a couple of studies that show that penis stretchers can increase penis length. Penis stretchers are also used to treat other conditions such as a bent or curved penis1  (Peyronie’s disease) and some doctors have prescribed penis stretchers to men recovering from prostate surgery.

Men who have had prostate surgery often experience issues with the penis retracting inside the pelvis, a penis stretcher can help reverse this condition.

One study 2 done by the Urology Research Center, Sinai Hospital at the University of Medical Science. This study was done on several men who complained about the size of their penis.

The men were instructed to use a penis stretcher for 4-6 hours per day during the first two weeks and then nine hours a day till the end of the third month.

The outcome

Twenty-three of the subjects saw a visible increase of 1.2 cm after the first two weeks and the subjects showed a further increase in size of 1.4 cm so realistically after six months, you could expect up to a one-inch increase in penis size.

Most penis stretchers claim anywhere between a 1-2.5 inch increase in penis size if used over time.

Benefits of using a stretcher:

  • Increase the size of your penis by inches
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Straighten a bent or curved penis
  • Safe alternative to surgery
  • Boost self-confidence

Penis stretchers are not for everyone

Using a penis stretcher is time-consuming and requires some effort, some men are not willing to put in the effort and often fail at penis enlargement, mostly because they give up too soon.

Not all penis stretchers are comfortable, if you buy a cheap stretcher you may suffer the consequences of it being uncomfortable and you may even risk injuring your penis.

So now that you have some basics about penis stretchers lets take a close look at the Size Genetics Penis stretcher.

While I have used other penis stretchers my review and results are based on using the Size Genetics stretcher.

Why Size Genetics?

That’s a good question, to be honest, I like this brand because it offers the best set of features at a reasonable price. There are cheaper stretchers sold but in my opinion, the Size Genetics gave me the best results at what I feel is an affordable price.

There are cheaper stretchers but when it comes to buying a stretcher “you get what you pay for”.

Size Geneitcs Ultimate System

Size Genetics is a Feature-Rich Penis Stretcher

Before I bought my Size Genetics I had tried other brands, I am sold on the Size Genetics for several reasons which include:

  • Comfortable enough to wear 8-9 hours a day
  • Provides over 2800g of tension (more than other stretchers)
  • I can wear it to work if I wear loose-fitting pants or trousers
  • Made with durable parts
  • Comes with a daily diary
  • Comes with patented 3M comfort strap

The reason I say that the Size Genetics is feature-rich is that it’s one of the few penis stretchers that offers a 58-way adjustable system which is why it’s so comfortable to wear.

Size Genetics comes with different size elongation bars that will allow you to grow and if you need more length you simply add another lengthening rod.

Benefits of the Size Genetics include:

  • Includes comfort strap on all models
  • Completely painless and safe to use
  • Protection pads for ultimate comfort
  • Comes with a complete quick start users guide
  • 3M Advanced comfort pad (available with Ultimate, comfort ad Peyronie’s edition)
  • Fits penis sizes of 4cm/1.6 inches or bigger

Can Treat Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes a bent or curved penis, this is a result of plaque build-up or in some cased by genetics. The Size Genetics can help straighten a bent penis and reverse the symptoms of Peyronie’s.

What to expect from Size Genetics?

The Size Genetics website claims you can achieve a 29% increase in Penis size in 24 weeks (6months) those claims are not that far off. What they don’t tell you that in order to achieve those results you do need to use the Size Genetics 4-5 times a week for 5-6 hours per day.

Size Genetics Size Chart

Using it less may take longer to yield the results the company claims.

Does it work?

For the record, Size Genetics is one of the few penis stretchers that actually offers real before and after pictures of proof that this penis stretcher delivers what it claims.

I have not posted pictures on my site because I feel not everyone is going to want to look at penis pictures, however, for those of you that want to see how well the Size Genetics stretcher works you can see REAL before and after results here.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Size Genetics is reasonably priced, you can the entry-level stretcher cost $199.00 and the ultimate system which contains all the possible bells and whistles cost $299.00.

Size Genetics Price Chart

Final Thoughts

Men who want a bigger penis will love the benefits that Size Genetics has to offer, it has been sold for over two decades and is one of the few penis enlargement products that can back its effectiveness with proof.

This does not mean you should buy one, there are other methods and cheaper products that may fit your personal needs, however, if you are looking for a stretcher that is effective and durable you won’t find anything better.

If you still have doubts I recommend that you visit the official website yourself and take a look at what they have to offer and then you can make your own decision about Size Genetics for yourself.


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